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Diesel Common Rail Injection | China -Lutong

Good quality Common Rail Nozzle for sales
Good quality Common Rail Nozzle for sales
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Diesel Common Rail Injection | China -Lutong
Diesel Common Rail Injection | China -Lutong

Diesel Common Rail Injection | China -Lutong


Diesel common rail injection system is an innovative advanced technology, designed to supply the explicit quantity of pressurized fuel into engine cylinders. This technology is rapidly being adopted by automobile manufacturers to develop fuel-efficient vehicles, owing to the best output results of better combustion, higher power, better fuel economy, and lower emissions.


The Growth of the Diesel Common Rail Injection System can be attributed to the increasing regulatory norms by the governments across the globe. The stringent emission norms prompted the manufacturers to explore different technology improving the diesel combustion process by reducing the vehicle emission complying with the fuel economy standards. Another key factor for the growth of diesel common rail injection system is that it increases fuel efficiency and power of vehicles by mitigating fuel losses during combustion process.


The common rail high-pressure pump is one of the latest developments in the diesel common rail injection system. Because of its better efficiency and emission reduction capabilities it stands out compared to conventional systems. Engines for commercial vehicles in on- and off-highway applications have to comply with increasingly stricter emission limits. Specifically in emerging markets such as China, Middle East and Africa, this requires the change from mechanical to electronically controlled injection systems. China-Lutong has developed a solution that not only permits new engines to be equipped with the Common Rail System. It also allows existing engines, which were originally designed for distributor or mechanical in-line pumps, to be converted to the future-proof Common Rail technology. The CB pump family is easy to integrate into existing engine concepts.


The pumps of the CB family are oil-lubricated and fit for use with different fuel qualities due to their robust design.


With competent development and application in the local markets we can offer the best support and price to our customers.


China-Lutong Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump is economical and highly efficient for passenger cars


China-Lutong Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump is environmental friendly power system, which is highly reliable, highly efficient, and cost effective pump. Appropriate for all diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


China-Lutong Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump aligns with the China emission standard III and IV with the system pressure of 1400/1600 bar and transmission index 1:2 ratio.


China-Lutong Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump is highly accurate which ensures correct pressure and fuel distribution to the engine cylinder, which makes the vehicles more fuel-efficient. It has a robust design, which enhances the durability of the pump.


Possible applications

CB18 up to 110 kW (passenger cars, light-duty and off-highway applications)

High Pressure Common Rail Spare Parts

Common Rail Nozzle (L136PBA、L135PBD、L121PBD)

Common Rail Valve (FOOVC01365、FOOVC01352、F00VC01380)

Valve Cap 334
Control Valve

Common Rail Pin

Repair Kits

Valve Plate for Common Rail Injectors

Steel Ball


Your benefits at a glance:


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Highly Efficient
  • Long Service Life
  • Very Economical
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Easy adaptation of engines with a transmission ratio of 1:2 to Common Rail Systems
  • Integrated mechanical supply pump



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